FEED  was an original devised work conceived and directed by Alistair Debling. The multimedia performance took place within a simple scrim and fabric structure designed by Connor Cook and Alistair Debling, allowing for two-channel live-feed rear projection and single-channel front projection. Sam Wolk designed the four-channel audio landscape, using Max/MSP software to process sources ranging from Rihanna songs to the iMac start-up sound. The show's total running time was 55 minutes.

As a company, our goal was to develop new strategies for staging digital space in three dimensions while interrogating the ways in which we simultaneously consume and produce content in a hungry information economy. The ensemble brought the diversity of their own online experiences - filtered by age, race, and gender - into the rehearsal room as source material. The outcome was a production that brought to light the ways in which online environments might liberate us from the confines of identity, while laying bare the IRL consequences of allowing unchecked toxic cultures to spill back offline. What does a 54-year-old mother have in common with a student in China? Can intimacy be consensual when it's anonymous? How might the politics of a white feminist porn actress be inscribed in the lived experience of a young African-American woman? Who is responsible for rape culture?

Alistair Debling

Reva Nohria

Connor Cook and Alistair Debling

Daniel Prosky and Alistair Debling

Sam Wolk

Connor Cook

Yinka Ogunbiyi




Lighting Design

Sound Design

Projection Design

Stage Manager


Victoria Goodhart

Yilun Li

Andrew Miner

Elizabeth O'Donnell

Emily Oliviera

Jumai Yusuf

Peng Zhu


(c) Alistair Debling 2018

Alistair Debling is an interdisciplinary artist working across installation and performance.