SCREENSAVIORS: A DIY Guide to Defense in the 21st Century

HD video, 14 minutes 59 seconds, looped. 

SCREENSAVIOURS: A DIY Guide to Defence in the 21st Century was self-produced as part of my MFA degree show at the Ruskin School of Art. It was displayed as part of the installation Defence Pavilion. (See below for documentation of the full installation.)


Defence Pavilion

Timber frame, plywood, medium density fibreboard, HD monitor (floor mounted), SD desktop monitors (wall mounted), HD monitor (wall mounted), mirror ball, rotating motor, spot light, custom fluorescent light fixtures, carpeting tiles, ergonomic office chair (wall mounted), brass door handle, headphones.

(c) Alistair Debling 2018

Alistair Debling is an interdisciplinary artist working across installation and performance.