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SurvivalGAN (2021)

AI model trained on images of virus particles, disco balls, 360 degree cameras and exploding planets.

sample training images

timelapse of the training process

Half Lives (2024)

Single-channel video, rough cut

Half Lives features interviews with members of Sellafield Nuclear Power Station’s internal LGBTQ+ network. Sellafield was the site of the UK’s first nuclear weapons tests, before becoming Britain’s first nuclear power station. It had an extended life recycling European nuclear waste until finally starting a 100 year decommissioning process in 2022. Sellafield is a seemingly unlikely host of one of West Cumbria’s only public-facing queer groups. However, conversations with queer-identifying staff reveal unexpected connections between the work of decommissioning—of building, architecturally, extraordinarily safe spaces—and the work of the network to build socially safe spaces within a historically unwelcoming industry.

Defence Mechanism (2019)

Performance lecture and 2-channel multimedia installation

Coastguards (2021)

Two-channel video installation

This composite video is best viewed by rotating a laptop screen or desktop monitor 90 degrees clockwise and entering full screen mode.

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